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Golden Gate Chapter

Attempting to

lift the fog



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August Golden Gate chapter Trivia

Posted by alex_fierros on August 14, 2017 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

August Golden Gate chapter Trivia: 1989: This month’s SCTE seminar is on leakage and CLI - the main speaker was Marty Volkoff with the FCC in SF.  1990: August seminar will be on Terminal devices, September will cover Emerging technologies and October will cover fiber optics.  1997: Wireless phone jack to allow up to hook up DCT's for two way is a bust.  1993: Patrick O’Hare and I met with the broadcasters in San Francisco on bringing their channels directly to our headends via fiber.  2000: DCT non responding reported at 22%! 1997: Woody Cash wins big at Expo's cable games this year! 

After 55 years Russ Salva retired – congrats Russ!

July Golden Gate Chapter Trivia

Posted by alex_fierros on July 17, 2017 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)

July Golden Gate Chapter Trivia: 1987: SCTE seminar on off air antennas and broadcasting. 1991: Superior Cheetah product demoed as a way to test EOL for frequency, level and temp. 1993: Sega game channel is presented for the 1st time to us in San Jose and this week in 1995 Butch updates on Sega problems. Terminal device prep for SCTE certification will be the next seminar and there is a bay area fiber loop meeting with Mike Wearsch, Tom Knobbier, Rhett Caltrider, Joe Whitley and Doug Combs. 1994: Comic this week shows a remote control of the future that will allow the user to order pizza - is the future here yet? Western Communications systems are up for sale - Concord cable, SSF and Monterey. 1999: SCTE seminar in San Jose has a great turn out with 60 folks to see GGC seminar on telephony. 2013: Ed Marchetti's family joins him in New Hampshire after 10 months in his new job!

June Golden Gate Chapter Trivia

Posted by alex_fierros on June 12, 2017 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

June Golden Gate Chapter Trivia: 1988: Harrigan passed another three SCTE certification tests - 11 down and 3 to go. 1990: Number one concern at this month’s SCTE board meeting is the lack of attendance which has trimmed our chapter’s reserves to the absolute minimum - we are looking for suggestions! Our June 14th seminar will be given by Richard "Vito" Covell with Jerrold on category 4 transportation systems. 1993: Jack Goldie discusses how fibering the bay will effect Bay Cable Adnet, which he manages. 1995: Will Hearst, Milo Medin, Butch and I meet for the 1st time this week to kick off how @Home will work 1997: Digital cable TV meeting this week. 1998: Doug Nolan won top honors at the cable games held in Santa Cruz and will go onto Denver! 2001: Woody Cash passed SCTE cat 7